NodeJS Real-Time Platform

Designed for Modern Real-Time Applications by MEAN Expert.

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Real-Time For All

Building Real-Time Applications has never been so easy.

  • Set Real-Time full stack workspaces with minimum effort.
  • LoopBack and Angular 2 integrated as 1 framework.
  • Universal models that work across Back and Front Ends.
  • Models are automatically in sync with server through FireLoop.
  • No configs, no manual integrations, just code and fun.
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Under the Hood

A Complete Solution

FireLoop beautifully integrates some of the most amazing frameworks out there; like the IBM's StrongLoop LoopBack, Google's Angular 2, Telerik's NativeScript, Ionic 2 Frameworks and much more.

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News from the Blog

News from the Blog, here you will find nice examples, tutorials and guides to get you started and informed about the latests FireLoop Updates.

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Building Real-Time Applications FireLoop

I’m very excited to publish now that an amazing feature has been added into the LoopBack SDK Builder; its name FireLoop!!!

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Building Real-Time Statistics With FireLoop

Previously on Building Real-Time Applications With Angular 2, LoopBack and I explained the very first steps to integrate Angular 2 with ...